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Our Steel Foundary Shop;

Steel Foundry

  • Spread over an area of 28374 Sq. M.
  • The largest and most modern unit in the country
  • Equipped with 2 x 15 tons & 1 x 3 tons electric arc furnaces incorporating a centrally controlled sand preparation and regeneration system.
  • Melting facilities are supported with spectrometer to control the composition of molten steel in accordance with the international standards and specifications.

Production Capabilities: (in tons)

  • Castings 6500 tons per year
  • Maximum Casting wt 32 tons ingots 38000 tons per year
  • Maximum ingot wt 50 tons



The Iron Foundry;

  • Covers a total area of 11964 sq. m.
  • Equipped with 3 hot blast cupolas, each having a capacity of 5 t/hr., high frequency induction furnaces and centrifugal casting machines.
  • Non-Ferrous Foundry is located in a section of Iron Foundry and is equipped to produce castings in aluminum, copper & antimony-based alloys.
  • The centrifugal casting machines have the capacity to produce flawless castings of cylinder liners and bushes up to 350 mm diameter.
  • However, larger sizes can be manufactured through improved techniques.

Production capabilities: (in tons)

  • Iron Castings 5000 tons /year
  • Max. Casting wt. 28 tons
  • Non-ferrous Castings 100 tons/year
  • Max. Casting wt. 2 tons

The Forge Shop:

  • The total area of Forge Shop is 10369 Sq. M. which houses a wide range of hammers both for production of free forgings and die forgings.
  • The shop has acquired wide experience in the field of producing die-forged parts and has manufactured variety of components for the Automotive, Tractor and Defence Sectors successfully.

Major functioning parameters

  • Free Forgings 7750 tons / year
  • Max. wt. of free forging 5000 Kgs.
  • Die Forgings 2400 tons / year
  • Max. wt of die forging 150 Kgs.

Forge Shop

Hydraulic Press Shop:

  • The shop has the country’s largest 3150 ton free forging Hydraulic Press
  • Spread over an area of 12372  Sq. M.
  • The Hydraulic Press has the capacity to forge ingots up to a maximum weight of 50 tons, produce finished forging weighing over 30 tons.
  • The shop has special heat treatment furnaces, both vertical and horizontal, and also large oil and water quenching tanks.

Main features of activities:

  • Free forgings 4000 tons / year
  • Max. wt of ingot 50 tons
  • Max. wt of forging 30 tons
  • Max. dia of ring forging 1800 mm

Hydraullic Press

Our Machine Shop;

  • One of the largest in the country,
  • Has over 115 machine tools including a plano-milling machine, size 1250 mm x 4500mm,
  • A horizontal boring of 160mm spindle dia, a lathe 4 metre dia x 15 metre
  • Centre-to-centre distance and a gear hobbing machine capable of hobbing 4 metre dia gear up to 30 module.