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HMC – made Surface Traversers transfer table is capable of transporting 125 ton diesel electric locomotive. It is constructed from rolled steel plates or section to form a rigid structure. HMC can manufacture Surface Traversers of different traversing loads depending on clients’ requirements.


HMC Railway Axles are forged from special steel checked ultrasonically and subjected to magnetic particle testing to ensure flawless forging. They are subjected to drop test as well. They are finally machined and burnished to bearing sizes. Before packing and dispatch, proper protection to critical surfaces is provided. HMC can undertake manufacture of Axles of different gauges and designs.


Material used for Screw Couplings is class IV and class II steel. All parts are forged and heat treated carefully. They are subjected to physical tests like impact, destruction and proof load and are protected and painted properly. SCREW JACKS Jack frame is made of rolled mild steel plates electrically welded. Lead screw and cross head are forged out of 0.45 carbon steel ingot. Screw Jacks work on mechanical and electrical systems. Four jacks are combined to make one set and are synchronised electrically to move at a time. Can lift Railway Engines and Bogies quite safely.