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Shahzor Road Rollers

Shehzore Road Roller is a tried and trusted product of international design and national craftsmanship. Performance in all weather conditions and in all types of terrain has successfully demonstrated outstanding ability for stabilizing base and sub-base courses, to meet compaction specifications and to build smooth finished roads at a consistentfast pace. Road Builders with tight schedules and budgetary limitations, particularly, appreciate its performance without break-downs and maintenance hold-ups. Shehzore Road Rollers are extremely easy to service right on the job. The highest appreciations for Shehzore comes from the operators. They all happily acknowledge its easy controls and fatigue-free handling from a comfortable seat. Some of the other features of Shehzore which make it prominent over other makes are:

  • tough, versatile and dependable
  • low operating cost and high standard of performance
  • easy access for inspection and maintenance
  • sturdy construction
  • comfortable driver’s seat
  • excellent after – sale service arrangement in the field

Shehzore is designed for maximum comfort, with a well-padded seat for maximum shock absorbency. It also features finger - tip operation - all switches and controls are within easy reach of the driver, making operation fatigue-free. Driver’s platform is supplied with an awning.


Shehzore gives superior performance under all working conditions. The 4 stroke 55 H.P. diesel engine has a special-in-line type of fuel injection pump. The engine is water-cooled. Combined lubrication - both forced and splash, ensures lubrication even under adverse conditions. It is economical on fuel, consuming less than 200 gms  /  b.h.p - hr.


Shehzore has 3-speed gearbox with forward and reverse speeds and is equipped with wet type friction clutch designed for a longer wear life. Brakes are exceptionally very strong and effective within a distance of 1 metre at full operational speed. Shafts and gears are designed to highest accuracy with low noise level.


Mechanical steering system of Shehzore Road Roller is supplemented by a hydraulic system which supplies extra turning force at the steering wheel by means of steering servo valve and steering oil cylinder. This considerably reduces effort of the driver in handling and steering of the Road Roller. It also makes the steering operation easy and provides quicker maneuverability.

Special Safety Feature:

In case of failure of the hydraulic system ‘mechanical steering comes into operation which ensures positive steering control at all times. HMC’s AFTER SALE SERVICE ensures efficiently and prompt repair of the machines on construction sites and a regular and all-time availability of spares.

Asphalt Mixing Plants

  • 40-60 ton/hour, stationary and mobile Asphalt Mixing Plants
  • 60-80 ton/hour stationary Asphalt Mixing Plants
  • Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plants