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The safety policy of Heavy Mechanical Complex, Taxila is based upon:-

Importance of safety is pre-requisite and cannot be ignored. Human life is valuable and ought to be protected by all means. Besides human life the safety of plant Machinery and other operative equipment is also important. Safety is not an individual’s concern rather it is observed collective efforts and is the responsibility of everybody. It needs attention by everyone at all times. Conduct of routine safety surveys is a routine practice to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and control hazards. Our company is committed to take reasonable effort to eliminate the hazards that cause accident and injury. We are committed to continuing improvement toward an accident free workplace through effective Administration, Education and Training. Safety procedure/instructions described in Safety Manual of the company are based on international safety practices. These instructions are displayed at all the relevant/ concerned area of activity and mandatory for all the employees. Safety Officer nominated by the Managing Director along with all the heads of department will be responsible for the implementation of Safety Manual of the company.