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EOT and Gantry Cranes

Custom made HMC Cranes are designed and manufactured as per internationally approved FEM, BSS, DIN or equivalent standards. All load bearing components are computed in accordance with the most recent codes and by the latest methods to ensure absolute safety and reliability. HMC ensures the optimization of design in order to bring cost effectiveness to the client. Automatic machine welded joints guarantee uniform quality. All types of manually operated and electric overhead, gantry and semi-gantry, pillar and wall jib, underslung cranes and monorail systems are being made in accordance with relevant international standards FEM, BSS, DIN, CMAA. Manufacturing comes out by using latest techniques. Quality of products is maintained at the highest possible levels.


HMC has manufactured single girder overhead travelling cranes upto maximum load lifting capacity of 20 tons and double girder overhaed travelling crane upto maximum load lifting  capacity of 150 tons.


Highly economic solutions to crane problems are offered by underslung cranes in the lower capacity range. The crane runway in this types of crane is fixed to the ceiling structure. Underslung cranes permit the hoist to transfer to other cranes or monorail systems. These cranes can be integrated into systems with bends, sliding points and turning points. This eliminates separate brackets for the runway on columns or walls. Low overall height and good clearances for the hoist provide optimum use of available space. Electrical interlocks ensure that the rails mate precisely and remain so when the load is transferred from one system to another. HMC has manufactured underslung crane of maximum load lifting capacity upto 5 tons.


The Gantry Cranes are used essentially outside or in a building of light construction. These cranes avoid the necessity for gantry structures. HMC has manufactured gantry cranes of maximum load lifting capacity upto 50 tons and semi-gantry carne of 250 tons for WAPDA at Tarbela Hydro Power, Third Extension Project.


Pillar or wall mounted (up to 5 ton load lifting capacity).


Explosion-proof cranes are required for operation in areas having explosion hazard. HMC has been manufacturing cranes of this type for years. HMC has manufactured explosion proof crane of maximum load lifting capacity upto 30 tons.


Drives with gear train, antifriction bearings and running in oil require little maintenance. Drive and travel wheel can be disconnected without special tools. The transmission by live/stationary axle drive completely eliminates normal wear.