ISO 9001
ISO 9001 - Certified Since 1997
U, U2, S, PP and R Stamps Holder
Lloyds of UK
Pressure vessels class-I - 70 mm


HMC is certified for its Quality Management System (9001) since 1997, an era in which very few organizations opted for certification against this International Standard. Certification against the Quality Management Standard was reflection of HMC’s commitment towards provision of Quality Products. ISO Standards are subject to revision after some period to maintain their relevancy to the business. In this context, new Standard of QMS ISO 9001;2015 has been released in Sept 2015 and HMC very early has opted for alignment of its QMS to the requirements of new standard and once again was successfully certified against this standard in Feb 2016. To provide additional assurance to its customers, HMC is also authorized to use ASME Stamps “S”, “PP”, “U” ,U2, “R” and “NB” on power boilers, pressure vessels manufactured in accordance with relevant ASME Codes since. HMC is also approved from Lloyds Register for the manufacturing of Fusion Welded Prrssure Vessels up to maximum thickness of 70mm.

Quality Control Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures for product verification are based on International Standards i.e. BSS, ASTM, JIS, DIN, AISI, SAE , ISO and GB etc. In order to conform to any standards/specification one has to make certain Physical Measurements, i.e. mass, force, volume, length angle and currents etc, it is essential that a measurement should be made periodically traceable to some standard. HMC has established its Metrology Laboratory. The purpose of laid down QC procedures and OA arrangements is doing a job right at the first time rather than rectifying it at a later stage. This approach pays dividends not only by increasing safety and reliability, but also by way of cost saving. 

Implementation of all those steps described above results in Quality achieved by complying the requirements of standards and codes.