ISO 9001
ISO 9001 - Certified Since 1997
U, U2, S, PP and R Stamps Holder
Lloyds of UK
Pressure vessels class-I - 70 mm

Steel Structures

HMC has the ability to manufacture flag poles of any height. HMC has manufactured flag pole of maximum height upto 220ft.
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HMC has the ability to manufacture different types of classified doors and sliding gates. HMC manufactures the complete doors/gates, frames, jack support assembly and embedded frames for these doors. HMC has manufactured these doors upto maximum size of 5.5mX6.5m. HMC also has the ability to manufacture complete sliding gates and all their component parts.
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Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC) has vast experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of general heavy industrial structures. HMC has designed and fabricated a wide range of these structures. RAILWAY EQUIPMENT  SURFACE TRAVERSERS HMC – made Surface Traversers transfer table is capable of transporting 125 ton diesel electric locomotive. It is constructed from rolled steel plates or...
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Page Contents Francis Turbines Pelton Turbines Crossflow Turbines Kaplan & Bulb Turbines Allied Hydraullic Equipment HMC is fully equipped to cater to the requirements in the energy sector. In association with the world renowned turbine manufacturers, expertise has been developed in the field of designing, manufacturing, erection/installation and commissioning of mini/small Hydel Power plants up to...
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