ISO 9001
ISO 9001 - Certified Since 1997
U, U2, S, PP and R Stamps Holder
Lloyds of UK
Pressure vessels class-I - 70 mm


Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC), rightly known as “Mother Engineering Industry” is serving the nation since more than four decades. HMC was principally entrusted the task of shifting the Pakistan’s consumer goods industry to the capital & producer goods industry.

It can be proudly said that HMC has made significant contributions in transforming the country into strong technological base through acquisition, assimilating the design and manufacturing techniques to produce capital engineering good’s concepts from the world with emphasis on optimum indigenization, phased deletion & to exploit Pakistan’s tremendous capital engineering goods potential baseides creating socioeconomic activities and saving hard earned foreign exchange.

Success achieved so far is due to HMC’s strong technical team & infrastructure for execution of projects on turnkey basis whether in association with foreign /local partners or unaided to establish complete Sugar Mills, Cement Plants, Boilers, equipment for Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Chemical Plants, OHT Cranes etc.

HMC is confident that it would endeavor to be leading Engineering Corporation with high growth opportunity in an expanding company, locally and internationally aiming to serve our customers by integrating sustainability into our work every day.